Amaro Carmen

Truccatrice / Parrucchiera



Collaborations with main international producers, such as: Altoverbano- Fandango- Film Master Central- Groucho Film- Mercurio Cinematografica- Some of Us- Adv- Brw- The Family- The Box Film- HaibunCasta Diva Pictures- Bedeschi Film- Fargo Film- Movie Magic- New Partners. Also, professional collaborations with/for Vogue- Amica- Vanity Fair- (magazine) Oliviero Toscani,Piero Gemelli,Bob Krieger (photographers) George Clooney,Stephen Dorff,Sophia Loren,Alessia Marcuzzi (actors) Tornatore,D’Alatri,Coppola,Rodriguez (directors) among others. Makeup artist in the Italian troupe for several worldwide known movies (e.g. partecipation in " Somewhere" by Sofia Coppola, winner of " Festival di Venezia" in 2010) Image maker as well as professional consultancy for personalized one-on-one makeups Collaboration with By Cassini wedding leading company based in london

I am a passionate Italian makeup artist. Throughout my extensive work experience, I believe I have acquired all the necessary skills to cope effectively with the fast and demanding show business both on a technical and personal level. Moreover, I am open minded and quick to adapt. I am a very polyedric person who loves to share in order to build knowledge and vision with my fellow team workers and colleagues.